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Coffee is a drink prepared from roasted coffee beans or ground seeds of the coffee plants. Drinking coffee is good for health but taking a large amount of it can spike blood pressure and heart rate. For reaping amazing coffee health benefits, it's advisable to consume it sensibly.

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Is Coffee Good for Your Heart?
Is Coffee Good for Your Skin?
Is Coffee Good for Your Liver?
Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Is Coffee Good for Your Heart?

Drinking coffee can lower the risk of heart failure, stroke, and coronary heart disease.

According to the Daily Mirror report, it's recommended to take 3 cups of coffee per day to reduce the rate of heart disease and strokes.

A study from South Korea has found that taking 3-5 cups of coffee per day makes it less likely to get the first signs of coronary heart disease.

Hardening in heart arteries is known as atherosclerosis. One of the first signs of atherosclerosis is calcium deposits in the coronary arteries. People who drink 3-5 cups of coffee per day are 19% less likely to have a calcium deposit in the arteries.

There are some concepts and studies that showed coffee is good for heart health but still, there is more research needed in this area.

Is Coffee Good for Your Skin?

Dimpled and lumpy flesh on the skin is caused by an unharmful skin condition called cellulite.  Coffee helps in reducing the appearance of this cellulite on the skin. It's comprehended that caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels underneath the skin and improves overall blood flow in the body that gives radiant and smooth skin.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants. Free radicals in the environment can be one of the reasons for skin damage. It includes harm caused by pollutants, particles and sun rays. Antioxidants in the coffee neutralises the free radicals and protect the skin from the environmental damage. To know more about antioxidants, check the post 'Oxidative Stress and Its Remedies'.

Collagen helps in making up different body parts that also includes regenerating skin cells. Coffee improves collagen production and regulates cell regrowth. This increase in collagen production enhances skin elasticity and rejuvenates it.

Coffee is good for blood circulation and it lessens swellings in the tissue. Drinking coffee and applying a coffee mask can also reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Is Coffee Good for Your Liver?

Only a few people know that coffee is extremely good for the liver. There are multiple studies and researches have been done on the benefits of coffee for the liver. It's found that it can lower the risk of liver cancer by 40%.

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease that is caused by alcoholism or hepatitis. It's a fatal disease so it's better to do measures to eschew its chances of happening. It's apparently degeneration of cells, inflammation, and fibrosis thickening of the tissue. People who drink 3-5 cups of coffee per day are 80% less likely to develop this condition. So, a well-tolerated beverage can keep this malady at bay.

Caffeine can also break up stored fats in the liver cells and there are some medications that contain caffeine to treat people with non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

Coffee can aid weight loss by burning excess body fat. Brown fat produces heat by burning sugar and fat. Coffee stimulates this brown fat and it triggers weight loss.

Taking black coffee without any ingredients is good for promoting healthy weight. It makes one feels less hungry as it reduces the level of hunger hormones. Though it won't give one the feeling of fullness it can help one to eat less.

Caffeine in coffee improves body metabolism. This fillip in metabolism encourages weight loss fast. Caffeine in black coffee can boost metabolism by 11%. Also, one can achieve a healthy weight by drinking coffee having a minimum amount of calories. Black coffee has zero calories.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, taking extra caffeine in the diet leads to weight loss rather than weight gain.

Excessive coffee consumption can lead to insomnia and elevate stress levels that can cause over-eating - result in gaining weight. So limit coffee 3-5 cups per day and space out coffee times. Drinking water and coffee throughout the day help in reaching goal easily.

For knowing about the best coffee for weight loss, check the post, 'The Best Coffee for Weight Loss'.


Pregnant women should ask the obstetrician before adding coffee in the daily routine as pregnant women can't take caffeine more than 200 mg per day. 

Also, every human is different;  it's not 100% guaranteed that everyone has a similar result. Always go with instinct as one can have more or less caffeine tolerance than others. 

It's important to feel better. One can just drink one cup of coffee and take the benefits of it and even can drink decaffeinated coffee. For more information, check the post, '9 Reasons Why (the right amount of ) Coffee is Good for You'.

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