Care for long hair

Long hair

After washing your hair, don't brush them instantly. Wrap it in a towel and blot out some of the moisture .Rubbing splits the ends and tugging the very wet hair in it's weakened state, pulls out the hair.when y our hair is slightly dry, comb it with wide toothed comb,starting from the ends slowlyand working up the crown. This is the best way to avoid tangles and excessive pulling.
Care for long hair 
 Thegeneral problem face by many is oily scalp,coupled with dry and splits ends. In such cases final rinse with very diluted hair.
Proportions  : 1tblsp. to mugful of water. This helps restore the acid mantle that has just been washed away. Your hair wash should end with application of a good creamy conditioner particularly on the ends 

Those with oily hair must bta repeatedly to keep oily from poolling  on the scalp and carry the oil to hair ends to prevent the problem of ends splitting. Split ends especially in long hair are a result of rough treatment of your hair. Fierce brushing snaps the hair and breaks it off. The use of rubber bands to the hair together,and winding hair into a fish hook with metal curbrs or rollers  can damage your long tresses. Spot baldness in long hair is believed to be a frequent problems. Girls with long hair in tight plaits and woman who wear a tight chignon are generally the most susceptible victimes of this malady. It is always better to keep changing hair style to evenly distribute the pulling tension on your hair. Those with long hair who use electric rollers, curbing irons and blow dryer  must use the conditioner suiting to them best after shampooing. It helps hair retain the necessary oil and prevent fast drying.

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Chooing comb

When buyinga comb, check that it has a smooth join down the centre. Uneven jagged plastic will damage the hair shaft. The best option is a comb that is 'sawcut' in one piece with wide rounded teeth.

Trichologist normally recommended avoiding metal combs which can cause damage.

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