How to Lips care

              Lips  care

Soft, smooth lips are natural asset of lady. Being the prominent erotic center
Lips care
 the have enough literature poetically composed on them. But lack of the care and not keeping your mouth clean often results in incrustations formed over the lips. It is chiefly because the upper layer of our lips is very thin with neither any gland or pores to keep them automatically soft and smooth. So in summers or when your body is hot particularly when your liver is not functioning well_ you find your lips is rough, dry and encrusted . The best way to keep them soft and smooth is to apply a little honey early in the morning. In case they are dry due to digestive disorder, go for a regular treatment. Given below are a few recipe to prepare your lip-care solution at home.
Lips care

Take cocoa-butter         2tablspoonful
Soft wax                         1/2easpoonful

Put both the items separately . Now boil water and add soft wax into it so that the wax melted totally. Now add cocoa butter into it and allow it to cool down . When cool apply this solution on your lips with the help of lip brush. Another mixture for lip application is prepared the following way.

Take the root of heena (powdered formed)                 1tsp

Almond oil          60 mg.

Soft wax                15 mg.

Put almond oil in the heena root powder and allow it soak for about 10 days. Strain the solution after 10 days and as explained in the recipe given before, add soft wax after melting it . When your lip paste is cool enough apply it with the help of a lip brush. This will bring a new shine on your lips.

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