Some easy yoga Asanas for glowing skin and healthy hair

Many might be surprised to read this title but the following yoga Asanas have been found particularly good for ensuring lush hair growth and glowing skin.

1. Sarvang Asana
2. Sarpasana                    
3.Kupkuta Asana
4.Shutrmurgha Asana

In fact all these Asana restore the hormonal balance in the body and regulate the circulation of the blood hence they have beneficial effect on the hair and skin as well. We shall be discussing these Asanas one by one.

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Sarvang Asana

This literally means the ( yogic) exercise for all organs of the body. Sarvangasan is made of three sanskrit word  'sarva' means all 'anga' means organ and 'asan' means exercise or positions . By revitalizing the whole body by energising thyroid and parathyroid glands it keeps the body and hence hair in most fit condition.

Stage (a):  Raising the legs place a folded blanket on the ground. Lie flat on your back with both legs straight and together. Now straighten your Armand place them besides the body.  Palm downwards.
For a new second completely relax the whole body. During the next movmmove, raising the body, the breath can be retained inside or outside. That is you hold your breath. Now slowly raise your legs by contracting and utilising the abdominal muscels. The movement should be gradual with control, it should take at least 10 seconds for the legs to reach vertical position. Keep the legs straight and together. If possible try to raise the legs using only abdominal muscle for this action will help you straighten these muscle. At the end of movements the buttocks should be back on the ground with the legs pointing directly upward.

Stage (b):  Taking the final pose. In this stage the atm and hands should take on active part in assuming the final position. Elevate the lege further off the ground by pressing this hand and arm ,the naye of the neck , back of the head and shoulder. Close the eyes. Try to relax the whole body. Breath deeply and slowly. Be aware of the breathing.

Stage (c) : returning to the starting position. Stay in the finally reached position as long as you can. Then fold the straight legs over heads so that the feet above and behind the back of the head. Slowly raise the position of the hands behind the chest and the place the arm flat on the floor. Slowly lower the buttocks to the floor. Then gradually rotate the straight legs over the top of the head and lower them to the ground again while not using as much as possible the assistance of the arms . Now completely relax the body when it is once again flat on the ground. Reach all the position mentioned above, slowly and rhythimirhyt there should be no jerky movement.

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Who should not do this asan?     

 Those who have weak heart, excessive high B.P.  Though after some time the B.P. is grea ty reduced initially it is incresed. Also pregnant ladies,those who have weak blood vessels, excessively enlarged thyrith and those with a slipped disc history. This shouldn't be practised with in three hours of your filling your belly. Also when you are ill or tired.

2. Sarpasana (snake pose)

Technique: Lie flat on a blanket spread on the ground on your stomach. Fold your arm behind your back clapsing the wrist of one hand with the fingers of the other hand. Rest the forehead on the ground. The legs should be straight and together with the soles facing upwards. Relax the whole body.  Breath normally for a short time. Then inhale deeply and slowly. expanding the chest and the abdomen as much as possible. At the end of inhalation slowly bend the head backward . When you have bent the head backward as for as possible slowly start to raise the shoulder and upper back. The yumovement is executed by contracting the back muscles and sing the arms. Raise the body as high as you can without causing any strain. Hold the final pose while continuing yt retain the breath inside. Ensure that wieght of  the body is supported on the soft part of the abdomen- the hilly. The lips should be as relaxed asa comfortable length of time slowly lower the body to the floor while exhallex. Completely relax the body in the starting position. Allow respiration to  return to normal. Then repeat the saans up to five times. All these stages to be achieved, gradually and in a peacemeal fashion.

Inhale while in the starting position; this should be as deep possible for this has much influence on the benefit obtained. Retain the body while raising the body and maintaining the final pose . Exhale while lowering the body to the ground again. Be always aware of breathing and movement. Stay in the final pose as long as you can retain your breath.

3. Kukkuta Asan

First sit in the posture of padamasan . This is achived the following way. While sitting on the ground. Attached your legs forward. Keep them together. Place the right dooton the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh in such a manner that the heels of both the feet touch the abdomen on the side of navel.  Keep the hands on the knees. Keep the body, back and hand erect . The knees of the both the feet should touch ground and genrally the eyes should remain closed. One should do pranayam also in this pose

Now for kukkut asana insert your hands between the openings in your calves and thighs. Then push the hands further and keeps your palm firmly planted on the floor with your fingers fully spread push your thigh and legs up your arms, your arms as the fulcrum of entering the force toleftt your body up. Keep your torso as upright as possible. Breath normally. Do it at least for a minute

The pregnant ladies shouldn't do it

4. Shutermurgh Aasan

For the good health ,glowing skin,and healthy hair another asana that is good and easy is shuturmurgh Asaan . For this keeping your legs straitst bend
Shutrmurgh asaan pose
from your waist and try to touch the toes or even the floor this you can do with a little practice. Hold it for a few seconds and then gradually assume your standing pose.


Vajra means thunderbolt in Sanskrit since this asana makes the body as strong as thunderbolt. It is so named.
 Vajar asana pose

Technique:  kneel down on the floor with your knees ankelsand big toes touching the ground. Now sit down on your heels and place your palms on the knees . Keep your self erect but relaxed. Breath should be deep, even and slow. Now expand your chest and draw the abdominal region inward.

6. Chakarasan

Technique:  Lie flat on your back. Bend the legs and place the heelsnear the butttocks, the feet should be about half a meter apart . Bend the arms and place the hands on the ground besides the back of the head; the fingers should point to words the shoulders with the palm flat on the floor.         

  Now relax the whole body  for a few     seconds  in preparation for performing the final pose. Breath in deeply. Then raise the head and trunk of the ground straightening  the legs and arms, the feet and hands should not be moved. Now try to arch back as much as possible to take the final pose .

Let the head hang between the two straight arms. The degree of bend in the neck can be accentuated by bending or straighting the knees and allowing the shoulders to move over the arms. Do not over stretch the back in arching it. This is the final pose. Breath slowly and deeply. Stay wering the body to the ground. This asana can be repeated once or twice if you have sufficient energy and time.

7. Shavasasana

This asana is also known as lnrityuasane shava means corpse, hence the name.

Technique:  Lie flat on your back in the apne position. Place a small pillow on a folded blanket behind your head with the corners pulled under the shoulders. This ensures relaxation of your ne kand shoulder muscles. Rest your arms in line with and on each side of your body. The palm should face upwards and hands should not be clenched. The legs should be straight and slightly separated.  Now close your eyes. Try to feel diffrent part of your body in contact with the floor. This is most important for it. Starts to develop your awareness of the different parts of the body. Feel the contact between the floor and the buttocks. Keep your attention on the pressure between the floor and the buttocks for few seconds until you think that this area of the body is relaxed. Now try to feel contact between the floor and right arm, right hand, left arm, left hand, the middle of the back, each shoulder blade in turn,t the back of the body, the back of the head-in short each limb your body separately . Try to feel that each part of your body is losing sensation. What you should do is to try to remove any tention. You feel in your body's any part totally. Don't suppress the thoughts if they occur; merely continue to direct your attention to the systamatic relaxation of the different part of the body in the way already mentioned. If you have managed to carry out these instructions in the way describe, with awareness you will surely feel that you have attained a wonderful relaxed state, and mentally. When you have finished the practice, gently move and clench your hands move your feet and slowly open your eyes.

If you are able to do this daily even for five minutes you would find a sea -change in your life. Particularly those people who remain under tension and charged state due to stress of the modern life which makes them lose hair profusely would fined there hair regaining the lost shin and vitality.

This is a very important Asana and virtual boon in the modern life. It relaxes the whole physiological and pychogogipsyc system of the entire body and make it acquire peace.

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