how to care for hand and nails


              Care of hands and nails

Hands are perhaps the most seen part
Hands care
of your body. So they have to be kept
clean and beautiful while firm as well since you accomplish your most of the work with these hands. You need not perform any special exercise for hands because in every exercise you perform, they get automatically exercised. But no matter how gracefully you adorn yourself yet if your hands rough and lusterless, the whole impact gets ruined. If your hands'skin is glowing lustrous and the hands themselves are well manicured you charm the onlooker almost 'hands down'. That is way you must learn how to care for your hands. For this must wear gloves while working in the garden and kitchen. In case you find them uncomfortable use the barrier cream .A few recipes of the same are given below.

Egg- paste Barrier cream

Take the yellow of an egg a spoonful of sunflower oil four spoon dil china clay. Mix them all thoroughly topreparet a uniform paste. While doing comparitively heavy domestic chores apply this cream on your hands.

Marigold Barrier Cream
Home made cream
Home made cream

Take about a sppoonful of the essence of the marigold flowers; 20ml. boiled water properly cooled; 2 big spoons of Badam Rogan and 2 small spoonfulof the china clay. Make a uniform mixture of the entire material and reduce it into a paste form. Apply this cream before doing any heavy domestic work-like washing clothes and utensils.

A mask of the flour of the new shoots of Barely and Honey.

Flour of the new shoots of barley            2  big Tspf.

Honey       1 big Tspf

Beaten Egg       1

Cotton gloves     A pair

Take the first three items and prepare a uniform paste out of them. Before you retire for the day, apply this paste and wear over them the cotton gloves. Wear the gloves at least for two hours and if possible for whole night. Then wash them off in morning and apply a cream or lotion on your hands before you start your day's work.

Almond & Milk Hand Cream

Ground Almond (seed)          2 big                                                       spoonful

Yellow of An Egg.            One Egg

Badam Rogan.                 1 spoon

Milk.                                   1cup

Add ground almond to the milk till the almonds are almost dissolved in the milk. Add yellow of an egg to it and bring the milk to boil. Now cool and make and apply this on your hands everyday when you retire.
Remember that the skin on your hands looses  it's shine and softness because of lack of vitamin 'C' and 'B'. As you advance in age eat those items which provide a rich quantity of thrse vitamins.

Hands Nails

Nails are like hair in thier structure , formed mainey og the element called carotin which is rich in protien. Often due to poor digestion or doing heavy work without taking proper care of the nails,they develop problem like Hang nails and Stained nails. In the earlier case nails upper layer get detached like the slough. In the case of stained Nails the culprit is invariably wrong way of removing nails polish which make the nails spotted.Apart from applying fresh lemon juice,use the following mixture to keep your nails healthy and shining.

Take the following material

1 Spoon ful (small) glycerin
5 spoon ful (small) rose water
4 spoon ful(small) Hydrogen peroxide (5 volume) 

Apply the mixture of those wotw the help of the nails brush . Their regular use would remove the stains on the nail

 Apart from these soaking your nail ahit in the lukewarm water and then applying white Iodine make them firm and shining.

Caster oil and glycerin application on nail in even quantity also make your nails glowing and Sturdy.

You can prepare your home made cuticle cream for proper nail care . Heat up two big spoon of pure petroleum jelly and then add up half a spoonful of glycerin and cool it. Now your cuticle cream is ready. Apply it your nails.

Always use glycerine mixed remover to remove nail polish from your nails. This would avoid making them stained.



For ideal manicure you need following material: a big bowl full of soap- mixed lukewarm water, nail polish remover,nail filer,salt, cider vinegar, cuticle pusher, french chalk,nail buffer,hand cream,a seperate bucket full of hot water (to drench your hands in vapour for softening them)

The process of manicuring should being the following way

First the check if there be any infection to your nails. Then proceed to remove nail polish with glycerin based remover.  Soak a cotton piece in the remover and clean the nail polish in one swipe. Ensure that your nail polish in fully removed.

Now use a filer to file your nails to proper trim . Make the nails aquire an oval shape instead of the conical one. Remember to perform filing operations from middle to top. Now mix cider vinegar in the warm water and soak your hands for about  5 to10 minutes. While drying your nails with a dry towel keep pressing the skin below your nails, and pressing cuticle surface with cuticle pusher. Now rub hand cream on your hands and steam the hands with water vapour. Now put the little of french chalkon every nail and buffer be not available use soft cotton and piece of velvet to shine your nails. The buffering process not only shines your nails but also make them firm.


As the name suggests this section deals with the up -keep and maintenance of your feet's beauty. This makes feet clean, free of corn and beautiful.
For pedicure you need following materieal:  a bowlful lukewarm watet mixed with soap ,pumic stone ,nail varnish remover, A little of good cream and oil,salt, Cider vinegar,lime-skin, nail cutter,nail filer, nail brush,cuticle cream,cuticle   pusher,nail cleaner, french chalk, nail buffer

The process

First see whether your toe-nails are not dirty . If they are, clean them with the nail cleaner.
Then remove the nail polish with the help of nail varnish remover. Cut the  toes' nail with the cutter and file them with the filer to give them straight filing. This way the nails won't grow towards inside.
        Now takr lukewarm water in a bowl and add to it salt and cider vinegar as per the requirements. Ussally one is to 4 ratio seems adequate. Soak your feet in the solution for about 10 minutes. If you want you can add some perfume in this mixture. In summer a few drops eau-de-cologne would be ideal. In winter you can go for any almond based perfume. When you keep your feet soaked in this water about 20 minutes or so you would find your skin losing its rough outer layer. To remove the dead skin cells rub the area with the pumic stone.
 Now apply cuticle cream on the toe nails and press the skin of the big and small toes with the cuticle pusher. Having done so to your satisfication rub the lemon skin (inside). Over the toes'skin to make it clean and shining.
    Now drain off this water and take fresh water in another bowl or same bowl freshly cleaned. Dry your feet in the intervening period and then liberally rub cream over the entire feet. After this treatment the cream fits well in the pores to keep your feet soft and shining.
  Now put the little French chalk on every nail and start the buffering opration till each nails start shining. Having treated your feet as if you are  flying when you go for a walk.

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Some exercise to keep your hands and feet muscles firm

Stand erect and move your hands only in such a way as if you are skeeping.

2. Close your fist and move the fist side ways and in every possible direction.

3. standing erect flex your fingers reapetedly till you feel tired.

4. Occasional cracking your fingers is also a good exercise.

5.stand erect touch your toes with your hands. This will strengthen your legs and feet while making your hand-muscles also firm.

6. Lie supine on a hard bed,raise your one leg as much high as possible, maintain that position for as much period as you can. Make sure that your raised leg form a 90 degree angle with your rest of the horizental  body. Reapet the exercise with the other legs. Make at least four to five rounds.

7. Lie as before and try to touch your both  raised up feet with your hands while keeping your back straight and pressed on the floor. Hold it as much as you can and then relax.

8. Lie on the stomach, raise up the legs as much high as you can and try to lock them with your hands. In perfect locking stance, your body should apear like a bow kept on the ground with hands and legs joined giving the impression of a taut bow string.

Pregnant ladies an d those with back problem shouldn't do this exercise.

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