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Dark chocolate is slightly bitter in taste and has a dark brown color without added milk. It contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar without milk, unlike milk chocolates. Dark chocolate is not only good for skin and hair but also good for overall health.


Dark Chocolate Benefits for Skin:

Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants that help in reviving skin cells. It lowers the early signs of ageing and gives skin a youthful look. Antioxidants in the dark chocolate cure skin alignments fast. Dark chocolate, if consumed in the right amount, gives a glow on the skin.

It protects skin from UV damage like sunburn and skin cancer. It's actually a skin detoxifier that slough off dead skin cells that could cause skin blemishes if not removed properly, giving a new fresh skin. 

For acne-prone skin, it's better to eat dark chocolate than milk chocolate because in dark chocolate there is a high number of antioxidants that reduce inflamed acne. There are also useful tips for treating pimples in the post 'How to Treat Pimples'.

Dark Chocolate for Hair:

Dark chocolate helps in the scalp's blood circulation. This increased blood circulation helps in promoting healthy hair and reduces hair loss, making hair stronger and grow faster.

It also increases hair volume, making hair look shiny and thicker. It has anti-inflammatory properties that lower the risk of scalp infection. Scalp infections can severely affect the hair and could cause baldness.

Dark Chocolate for Health:

Dark chocolate has so many health benefits;

1- It lowers the possibility of heart disease and bad cholesterol levels in the body. Bad Cholesterol clogs veins and arteries that is the main reason for heart disease. Dark chocolate reduces bad cholesterol level thus lowers the chances of clogging and heart disease. 

2- It might be astonishing that dark chocolate helps in balancing the blood sugar level rather than shooting it up. It's a sugar enriched substance but its glycemic index is low thus doesn't affect the body badly.

3- Dark chocolate can be good for eyesight. Flavonoids in dark chocolate encourage blood flow to the brain that in result can improve eyesight.

4- It improves mood and can be eaten for feeling better. Those who are feeling low and have mundane days can add dark chocolate in their diet.

5- If a body has a lack of iron then it makes it tired. People, suffering from anemia can eat dark chocolate; make it apart of their diet for increasing blood level in the body.

6- High blood pressure is a cause of many maladies. Dark chocolate contains magnesium and copper that control blood pressure, especially fluctuating blood pressure.

7- It increases body endurance. Dark chocolate works wonders when in practice, hard work required for a long time. It can make the body stronger and healthier in the long run.

How Much Dark Chocolate Per Day is Good for Health?

1-2 ounces or 30-60 g is the right amount of dark chocolate per day. Consuming more than that could result in taking extra calories and not good for you. Eating too much dark chocolate could give immediate heartburn, indigestion, and headache. You can also check, Dark Chocolate Best and Worst Brand.

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