11 Natural and best Eye care tips

              Eyes care

Eyes are supposed to be those two lamps which Illumina your entire face. They are the most sensitive and expressive part your face.
Eye care
Eye care
Some tried and tested method for ensuring good eye-care have been listed below.

1. If the skin around your eyes is quite dry, Apply cream over it by gently 'patting' it over the area and wipe off the super fl us or extra cream by tissue paper.

2. Always go for natural eye-tonic and like piece of cucumber, patato etc.- such eye-care aids. Just cut round piece of them. Keep them in deep freezer and put them on your eye.  This is an ideal tonic not only for enhancing the beauty of the eyes but also improving the eye sight as well. Particularly in summers this treatment must be resorted to quite often.
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Yoga for glowing skin and healthy hair
. your eyes' beauty has a direct bearing upon your diet. Include such items in your food as have high vitamin 'A' content. Carrot , turnip, apricots, etc. are a rich sources of vitamin 'A' . Also have lot of fibrous vegetable like beans so that your system remains un constipated.

4. Have as much water as you can. Water drives out toxins from your body and also helps in keeping eyes remain clean and glowing.

5. While using beauty aids use only herbal products or hypo -allergic beauty-aids (Hypo allergic beauty aids are those products whose application doesn't cause any allergy.)

6. The skin  around the eyes and eye -lids is very soft and dedicate. Rubbing a little almond oil, around your eyes before your retire, would keep the skin soft and glowing. The juice of water melon is also very good substitute of almond oil, particularly in summer when you might like to avoid using greasy oil. This juice also takes away the wrinkles around the eyes.

7. If you are used to having alcohol . Slash its consumption to minimum. Alcohol not only adversely affect your eye- sight , but  also dries the skin , around your eyes,and leaves dark rings. The same is true for smoking.

8. Always wash your eyes with cold water and never with hot water. Whenever you are requiered to go out the sun use good quality sun glasses Don't compromise on it, for inferior glass of the goggles might harm your eyes.Never gaze towards the sun or towards a powerful source of light.

9. Use eye-make up very sparingly, for its excessive use damage.the skin around eye. Also, remember never to use chemical  eye-make -up-remover  because it reacts adversely on the skin. Instead,use the following mixture which is not only good for the skin but also for the eyes as well. Take 2 tea spoonful of almond oil and one tea spoonful of caster oil and remove the make-up gently with the help of cotton.

10. Use a soft brush to apply a little Almond oil on your eye-lashes before you retire. This application would make your eye-lashes longer.

11. In order to provide nourishment to your skin around the eyes, prepare the mixture in the following way and then apply it around your eyes.
        1 big tea spoonful of Lanoline oil
        1/2 big teaspoon ful of almond oil

 1 big table spoonful of  lecithin powder.

2 small tea spoonful of cold water

Take a wide-mouthed saucepan, put Lanoline in that, melt and add almond oil. Then remove the saucepan from the fire. Now add lecithin powder and water to it and stir the whole mixture to a homogenous fluid. It will be the best cream for applying around your eyes. Even otherwise, Almond oil is the best solution to keep your skin around the eyes soft and glowing. In this solution each ingredients has a specific job. While almond oil provides smoothness, Lanolin the required amount of moisture, lecithin requisite amount of protein and acts as a preservative.

Eye problems and their Care

Swollen Eyes:     this may be caused by many  reasons:  lack of sleep,
Swollen eyes
Swollen eyes
under nourishment , allergy etc.,making  the eyes upwards quite swollen. First of all such persons must drink a lot of water. Apart from it,munch a big potato and put the frozen pulp on each eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. Also, if you want, you can also put the pieces of cold and frozen potato pieces on your eyes. Another treatment is using the frozon concoction of the calomile flowers and soaking it in a cotton pad put them on your eyes for about half-an hour. This also reduces the poped up eyes syndrome.

Fatigued Eyes

Constantly working under strong lights and watching television for a long duration also make the eyes quite
Fatigued eyes
Fatigued eyes
fatigued. The best way to eliminate this fatigue is to gently massaging your eyes. You can use almond oil for this purpose. Also rub your both hands to warm them and gently place them upon your eyes . The warmth of the hand would provide your eyes much relief.

Crow's feet (kind of wrinkles around the eyes)

Crow's feet Eyes
Crow's feet Eyes 

This may be due to dry skin, old age or even due to under nourishment. For this , the best precautions is not looking at the sun. Moreover more of this problem can even cause a slightly askew looks in your eyes. To get rid of this problem prepare the remedy the following way.

Take 1 tea spoonful of Apricot oil
1 tea spoonful Almond oil
1 tea spoonful Wheat germ oil

Mix these three oil and fill thier mixture in a small bottle. Massaging this oil gently over and around your eye lids,  skin  below your eyes would remove the crows' feet problem.

Black rings Around the Eyes

If it is due to anaemia get  your blood checked. At times due to poor
Dark circle of eyes
Dark circle 
digestion,lack of clean ambience, eating lot of starch and suger apart from drinking excessive alcohol, cause this problem. You must have a lot of those vegetable which are rich in vitamin  'A' washing your eyes with chilled rose water, heena water and the concoction of 'alder flowers'  be not available ,you can replace them with rose flowers. Wash your eyes repeatedly with cold concoction thus prepared. This treatment will also help.

Blood -shot Eyes

Take about 20 leaves of 'Afmod', boil
Blood shot eyes
Blood shot eye
them in water and allow them to cool down. Then strain them and after chilling them apply it on your eyes. This will help in diluting the colour of your eyes.

General Exercises for the Eyes

 Keeping your head stationary revolve your eyes as much as you can in every direction: sideways, below, upwards in anti clock-wise and then anti-clock wise fasion. Do so, for a couple of minutes every day. Then put rose water soaked pads on them. These exercises will not only make your eyes look more beautiful, but eye-sight will also improve.

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