Skin care tips for all skin type

Through it might sound like a cliche-ridden phrase there is no other way you can express the fact that beauty is only skin deep. you may have large dreamy eyes, aquiline nose,cupid bow-luke formation of your eye brows and other parts of your body very well endowed but if you have rough , pimpled  and unglowing skin no one would look at you even once. For beauty is reflected through your skin .It is this covering your body that enchants the beholder and accentuates  the pulchritude of your other parts.
  Although you will rarely find two person having identical skin-no matter they be twins,yet broadly speaking,in general,human skin has been divided in the following categories
Skin care tips for all skin type

1.  Normal skin
2.  Greasy skin 
3. Dry skin 
4. Swallow skin
5.Combination skin
6.Sensitive skin
7.Chapped skin
8.Withered skin                                     

We shall be discussing each of them separately

 Normal  skin 

A clear fine textured, supply and smooth surface which is  neither greasy nor dry are some of the characteristics of this type of skin. the possessor of this skin generally keeps good health which steams from smooth blood  circulation.Not requiring much of the Care even if normal body cleaning operations are performed twice a week this type of skin maintain its healthy glow. However, remember you should not use hard soap  but only miles baby soap,f fo hard soap with their  acidic contents tend to remove the normal shine of the skin earned by the natural and healthy flow of blood. At night,in order to keep your skin normal moisturizer balance , apply a thin film any home made moisture. In Case,due to vagaries of weather you feel your skin getting more oily or extra drying any area of your body, you may apply the lotion or remedies mentioned later for these varieties of skin. But remember to treat only the particular area and not the whole region.

Greasy or oily skin

Normally this variety of skin has coarse pores and pimples or other

Greasy  skin
embarrassing blemishes. In case you have such type of extremely
Oily skin,take a diet in proteins but restricted in sugar,fluids and salts. Also take plenty of leafy vegetable and fresh fruit.pork and fried and highly seasoned items of food should be avoided  have your blood up to par by suitable add miniadminis of necessary of vitamins,iron , mineral , similar substances . Besides taking internal care of yourself, you should also eqal care of externally. Half an hour before taking your bath apply on your face 1/2 tea spoon  each of lime and cucumber juice mixed together.if it is excessively oily, mix a few drops Eu-de- colonelganj. This not only help keep oilness away but helps in opening the pores of the skin by acting as astringent, thereby prevent acne. At times your make up  apear would be becoming patchy either on the  forehead,chin or more due to excessive oilness in these areas . The best remedy in such cases ,is applicaction of cold cucumber juice on the excessively oily part of your face

Sallow skin

This is a  typical skin with a distinct 'colourless look'.  It appears almost dead, lusterless and devoid of normal vital glow. Such person invariably
patient of anaemia with thier diet substantially lacking in vitamin 'B' and iron .This vitamin B, particularly 'B' is very good of curing you of pale ness because it keep the skin well nourished and rosy by keeping the blood circulation normal. Also active physical exercise will help you as it keep the blood circulation normal. Fresh blood and increased oxygen removed full and blemised look of the skin

Combination skin

Combination skin mean the type of skin that is both oily or greasy and dry in different part of the body normally people of this type skin have a greasy venter panel consisting of nose ,forehead and the chin. Why a dry panel consisting of cheeks , mouth and the area around the eyes? As mentioned in the skin categories of the relevant type , treat dry area with home made cold of  moisturising  cream while greasy patches with regular home made astringents some special home made creams and whiteness recipes are given ahead.

Senstive skin

A sensitive skin is a thin or fine textured skin that looks very delicate. It reacts quickly to both heat an d cold , it therefore gets sunburns and wind burns lotion and creams. Wash your face mild and baby soap, time
thoroughly and pat the skin dry wit h a soft towel, such people should never use any cream or lotion or perfumed/ cream etc.  and even synthetic clothes with our first  conducting their test on allergies of the material on the inside of yours wrist see the reaction of your skin to the is because not many items of make up agree with a sensitive skin. Also applying home made moisturising cream on your face before retiring for the night is a necessary  precaution for the persons with senstivse skin.

Chapped skin

Chapped skin

The rough texture of the skin .Which appears to be cracking some time falling this catagory. In case the cracks develop on your skin,then every day,at bed time,take the white of an egg,mix in one ground almond and briskly apply on your face. When the skin fells dry , wash off the paste with water and apply home made nourishing cream. Such person should avoid using soap totally because due to its acidic reaction soap dissolves the fat from the skin and takes them away from the surface. Instead,clean  your skin with gram flour made into paste with fresh milk cream. At least half an hour before you take your bath ma ,massage yourself either with  warm olive, mustard or coconut oil. Also after bathing rub yourself dry don't rub yourself vigorously wi th a bath towel. Every night before you retire,apply a home made cold cream. In case you cherish to maintain the youthful
Loveliness of a clean and flawless complexion,use cold or nourishing cream every night

Withered skin

This is a typical type of skin which has vrrv rough texture usually replete with is due mainly to over exposure to extremes of climate as to much  heat or too much cold causes this state of skin. To protect yourself from falling a victim to such a skin always use sunscreen lotion or creams when ever you have to go outdoor for a good length of time soap being a taboo, always clean your face with milk cream .Soap tends to aaggravate the problems  of  this type of skin . Also do not forget to use moisturizing cream at night make the mixture the following way
Skin care tips for all skin type
and use it in the morning half an hour before taking bath. Take an eggs white an mix one  tablespoon of honey and one -fourth teaspoon of carrots juice . Let this mixure remain  on your skin about 20 to 30 minutes. Don't remove it rubbing off with hands but with a Cotton wool-soakedin warm water. This treatment surely remove roughness and wrinkles from the skin. Also , when you go to take your bath, add twI table spoon of Olive oil to the water in  the tub before the entering it. The ladies,with this type of skin ,shoul s use moisturizer laden make up base in all season. Also they must not ever prefer an ordinary skin but a lipstick with a creamy base. These external precautions will keep your even withered skin glowing naturally.


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