Shape and style of the hair

There is no hard and fast rule about shaping and styling of yours all boil down to the fundamental
Hair style
requirements: that the style must add charm to your face. But while selecting your hair style,thera  are few principales that ought to be adhered to. The style must match your face and highlight it's salient and attractive features. Hair designer are often asked questions about shape and their proportion to hair style keeping in mind the relationship to body height and styles you must strive to make your hair rather oval which is the ultimate in aesthetie.
                The general strategy is to add height and fullness to area to fall short . closeness is imparted when the arc is extended. This way a balanced look is achieved. In any case it is important to  increase or decrease the right amount of hair needed to create the proper hair face relationship.

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 Remember that your hair style must appear in the tendem with the body characteristics. Keep the mind that the normal proportion of head size to total hieghh measured at seven and half heads to height. What ever the fashion mode of the day, hair should reflected it's proper proportion relationship to the body. In this regard you must give due weightage to the density , texture and weight and colour of the hair and room for thier natural variation.
                Moreover the new generation of styling aids have revolutionized hair care and styling. Now we can infect life into our hair by building body,boost boo,shine  and fixing style in just a few minutes since the modern age is 'Instant Age' and you have very little time for everything. Everything has to be accomplished and accessories that are need to style your hair and give them the right look.

Hair mousse

This is a fabulous, instant volume coast the hair making it easier to control and especially useful for taming freezy hair and for shaping the curl in permed hair .It will give energy to fine hair and extra texture to straight hair. Many mousses contain conditioners, which are excellent for dry ends.
  Apply mousse by squeezing a golfball-sized knob of foam in to the balm of your hand then apply it with your fingers to the roots. Mousse is the best applied to slightly damp hair because it will distribute better. Dont be tempted to use too much or you will overload the hair and be careful to use very little on fine hair or you could end up with a sticky, heavy result.
Experiment with different strength of mousse. It is often best to buy a mousse with a high hold factor and useless of it than to apply more of a lighter mousse.
     If you hair fell lank later in the day, spraying with a little water with revive it. shape your hair with your fingers as it dries.

Hair gel

Gel defines texture on curly hair and will sleek and hold strait hair in place. There are several ways to use it. Gelcan be applied to wet hair combedbed into shape and then left to set hard and you can blow-dry the gelled hair, which gives lots of body and bounce but still leaves it looking silky and natural. Gel spreads more easily when applied to wet or slightly damp hair.
       Gels formulated for use on dry hair are good for controlling small area of hair and for slicking it back at the side of your face if the brand you are using becomes flaky, switch to another formulation.
 You can combine product such as mousses and gels or moussesand hair spray for extra styling strength.

Styling lotions for blow drying

These spray in lotions protect hair om dry effects of heat when it is blow dried. They also help to keep the hair cuticle flat,which prevents flyaway ends and increase shine. Many formulation will also help to increase volume.

Sculpting lotion

These ultra strong hair shapers are designed to be applied either to damp hair which is then blow dried  into shape,or to dry hair for fullnrss or uplifting effects.

Hair spray
Hair spray

You can use hair spray for localized styling and to keep your hair sleek. Hair spray holds a polish Ed finished but allows movmenmo (which sculpting lotion do not ) if you simply want to control a few stray ends,spra sa little hairspray on to your brush and sweep it through your hair.
 Hairspray is indispensable when the atmosphere is humid because it prevent the dampness from making your hair limp.keep a mini hair spray in your bag- many pump sprays are refillable.

Pomade and wax
Hair wax and comb

There are useful for thick hair.but should  not be used  on fine hair apply a little,us usi your fingertips to separate and define the hair for instance.on a spiky fringe.pomade and wax are terrific for creating shine and controlling afro hair. Remember that they need to be washed out very thoroughly.


Fairly new in the market,serum are silicone based liquid that tame frizzy ends, flyaway hair and enhance shine on all hair types in seconds. you simply need a few drops, smoothed in the palm of your hands,the t applied where ever you want,  good ones don't feel sticky.

Twist plait and Rolls

As they say modern cllasicism is today way with hair looks. Hence there are multitude stylish way to dress mid-length and long hair.we choose accessories according to our needs. As mentioned earlier we should consider our hair in term of an overall look.
The beauty of mid-length and long hair is that it can be styled in an exciting variety of ways. Twist ,plaits,and braids rolls and chingnons all look super stylish and can be worn with simply accessories to secure them in place.or decorated ornately to create knock- out looks.
     The key to success when styling is to apply a little mousse or gel to control flyaway ends to sleek your hair before you start. you need to have a section of long hair pins. Kirby grips and covered elastics.


Quick to do, twist can be left soft and natural-looking there is no need to plaster on hair spray
  Simply twist your hair along the side of your head on one side and fasten it at the back the with shair clip
 Now twist back the other side and clip the two pieces together so that the hair hangs sleek and straight behind,or interweave the two twists at the nape of the neck and fasten with long hair pins
  Twist  look pretty when several tortoiseshell chingnon pins are placed around the twist
 Co mb can be used to help hold twist in place looks for combs without rough edges . Place them in your hair so that they grip by pushing the teeth up toward the crown of the head, then comb and push it down.

Plait ,Braid,Rooks,French pleat and chignons

Plait and Braids
Hair style

Ideally you need to have hair of one lenght to plait and braid it quickly. practice makes best plaits.
Braids (french plait ) are more tricky to do. Starting just below the crown of your head. devide the center of your hair into three sections plait  these together and then pick up another section on either side of the center piece and plait together again. continue down to the nape of your neck and then plait as usual, fastning with a slide or covered elastic at the end
 Sharp stylish and with a touch of formalities,rolls are fun to Wear with clothes that echo the style of the 1940s and 50s

 For a french pleat, take your hair back into the nape of the neck. twisting along the length of the hair. Roll the twist of hair upwards.turning the ends in,and fasten the pleat in place with pins.

These are good on fine to medium-textured hair but take a little more time on heaveih hair.

A low chignon placed at the nape of the neck looks modern. you can twist the hair and knot it, pulling the ends through the knot and securing with
pins. Alternatively you can take the hair into a low ponytail secure it with a covered elastic and then twist and pin into place.

Looks out for hanky knots. These are especially shaped piece of fabric (raw silk ones looks particularly good) which has have a elasticated piece at one end. simply place the fabric over the chignon and twist the elastic around twice to secure it.


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