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Everybody wants to look beautiful on Valentine's day with their loved ones. There are a few tips that you can easily follow before a valentines day to look gorgeous on this special day.

1- Follow 10 Korean Skincare Steps:

10 Korean Skincare Steps is a beauty regimen that you can start following from today and looks beautiful on Valentine's day. You can see a difference in your skin just after the first day of following these steps. For good skin, these 10 Korean skincare steps should be a routine in your life. If you don't know about these steps then check post '10 Korean Skincare steps that Rejuvenate Your Skin (Korean Beauty routine)'. 

Dark circles and puffy eyes can also be improved by these step but if you've got a prominent dark circle around eyes then you can also check this post,'Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes'. 

If you don't have enough time for Korean beauty 10 steps then you can only do 'Double Cleansing' for good skin.

2- Get rid of Oily Skin if you have: 

When you clean your face with a tissue paper and notice oil in it then it means you've got oily skin. Oily skin shines more and is more prone to acne. Sometimes oil on the skin ruins the makeup so if this is your case then check post,'Oily Skin: 8 ways to make makeup last'.
You can use different methods to clean your oily skin but stick on the method that suits you. I wrote a post on treating oily skin. If you follow those steps on a daily basis then you'll be able to see a significant improvement in your skin texture and tone. And, if you start caring about your oily skin from now then you'll look much prettier on Valentine's day. Check post,'How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin'.

3- Treat your Dry Skin:

If you've got dry skin then start taking care of it from today. It'll not only delay early signs of aging but also your skin looks smooth and supple. Dry skin is usually caused by a lack of vitamins in the body. Also, keep your body hydrated. Check post, How To Heal Dry Skin so you'll be able to repair damaged skin cells and get better skin until Valentine's day.

4- Lose some Extra Weight:

Losing some extra pounds can make you look more beautiful. Starving can never be a good option. You can lose weight by starving but your skin loses its beauty. For good skin and health, check post;
7 Best Weight Loss Tips so you can lose weight without stacking your health or beauty at risk.

5- Apply Aztec Clay on the Face:

Almost all of us know about the benefits of Aztec healing clay. It's famous for its healing properties on the skin. It removes dirt, debris from the skin and rejuvenates it. It reduces the appearances of scars and spots on the face. Check post, 'Aztec Healing Clay Mask Benefits On Skin so it can make your skin glowy, fresh and you can look awesome on this special day.

6- Apply Hair Mask:

Healthy and shiny hair look charismatic. What is better than to go on a date with shiny flying hair? It catches attention quickly and you can easily look good on the day. Check post, Vitamin E For Hair. This post gives you tips for healthy and shiny hair.

7- Treat Pimples:

Pimples can ruin your event but don't take the stress. Pimples are common and you can take measures to cure it. The cleansing of a face on a regular basis can significantly reduce the appearance of pimples. You can also check other tips on treating pimples on my post,'How To Treat Pimples'.

These are some very simple tips to look good or prepare yourself ahead for valentines day. You won't regret it after following it.

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