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Obesity is the root cause of many illnesses. Sometimes we gain weight by overeating or sometimes there is an underlying cause of it. Skipping meals isn't a good option to lose weight. Every woman is different. Therefore, first, find the reason behind weight gain and then work on losing it. You can check whether you are overweight or underweight by calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). The following are the tips that may help you losing weight.

Weight Loss And Calories Intake Per Day:

Generally, a woman needs 2000 calories per day but this could be different to each individual. Some women burn calories quickly than others and some have a quick weight gaining tendency. An important thing is to count on calories. For losing weight, it's recommended to eat 1500 calories per day. It helps you to lose 1 pound weight in a week. Drastic weight loss isn't a good option, It's better to gradually lose weight at a nice pace.

Adult women in the '30s shouldn't eat less than 800 calories per day. Add more leafy vegetables, fruits, soups or juices in your diet. For juices, it's better to extract juice at home rather buying it from the market. In the market, juices have more sugar content that isn't good for health. Also, soup can be a good substitute for the meal.

If you want to lose weight without counting on calories then go for Keto Diet. In a Keto diet, you need to take 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. If you want to know more about it then check post What is Ketogenic Diet?

Weight Loss By Increasing Water Intake:

Water helps to cleanse your body. If you take a glass of water before and in-between meal, it'll significantly reduce your hunger. We should take 8 glasses of water per day. Sometimes we are thirsty but we think we're hungry and do overeating. Drinking too much water is also not good for health. Also, if you are a kidney patient then ask your doctor about how much water is good for your body. 

Weight Loss By Eating Often:

Skipping food to lose weight isn't a healthy option. Eat 5 small meals per day than 3 big meals. Do a nice breakfast and a nice lunch. Try to avoid rice and white flour in the dinner. Do dinner at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. Add healthy snacks to your diet. Healthy snacks make you feel full and also don't cause weight gain.

Try to eat less sugary foods. Sugar causes weight gain and you can get carbohydrates from different foods so there is no need of taking extra sugar. Cut fizzy drinks from your diet. Also, eat fewer junk foods and more healthy snacks.

Weight Loss By Managing Stress:

Stress can be a result of weight loss or weight gain. Women usually have more mood swings than men. It's important to manage your stress level. Exercise is the best option for it, you don't only get some relief from stress but it also helps you to lose weight. 20 minutes of exercise is good for both physical and mental health. For losing weight you need to do more than 20 minutes of exercise apart from calorie intake per day. You can choose any exercise that suits you and swimming is in one of the best activities that effectively lose your body fat and lower stress level.

Weight Loss Through Regular Menstrual Cycle:

Irregular periods can seriously affect your body. If a woman has irregular or delayed periods then chances of weight gain can be more than one who has regular periods. Also losing weight or gaining weight can affect periods. A regular period is a sign of a healthy body. If your periods aren't regular and you're gaining weight then try to find its cause.

Exercise can also regulate your periods. It's recommended to do exercise 5 days a week. Stress can be a reason for irregular periods so exercise helps to manage it. Also, a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) gives you irregular periods and weight gain so exercising can also reduce the symptoms of PCOS.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy:

A healthy weight gain during pregnancy is around 10-15 kgs. A healthy baby is usually around 3.1-3.6 kg. Your weight gain just not only includes baby weight but also amniotic acid, placenta, extra blood and fats. According to studies, Women take a year to lose weight after pregnancy and some still retain 3-5 kg of their pregnancy weight. The best way to lose pregnancy weight is by breastfeeding. It just not provides baby essential nutritions but it helps you a lot in losing weight. Eat foods having more fibre and fewer carbs. Exercise plays an important role in losing weight along with a good diet. Women having c-section start slow walking and it also prevents blood clotting in your legs. You can do other activities after 6 weeks of c-section but every woman is different so do things on your instincts and on your body capability.

Weight Loss After Menopause:

Periods are a blessing for women. After Menopause, weight loss isn't an easy task. Estrogen level lowers in your body after menopause and that can be a reason for weight gain. Also as you age, body metabolism starts slowing down, resulting in weight gain. Staying active and eating a healthy diet with calories fewer than 2000 may help you to maintain your weight. Aerobic exercise works for women in their menopause to lose weight.

Medicines For Weight Loss:

There are medications available for weight loss but the best way to lose weight is by controlling your diet and doing exercise. Sometimes a doctor prescribes medication for weight loss and it's advisable to ask the doctor before starting it. There are 12 weight loss pills that are popular and if you want to know about them then check this post '12 Popular Weight Loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed'.

Don't Give Up:

Many people plan to lose weight and even work hard for it but then give up. Remember don't lose your motivation. Maybe for a few weeks, it seems hard to stick on a routine and on daily calorie intake but then you become used to it. Also, don't overdo anything, it makes you fed up and you might give up.

Does Weight Loss In Women Different Than Men?

Men may lose weight quicker than women because men have more muscles and women have more fat. Muscles burn more calories than fat. Men are usually larger and have more muscles, therefore, they burn more calories and lose weight faster than women. Estrogen in women slower the process of energy-burning after eating. Also, men lose abdominal obesity quicker than women even if he's not losing weight on other parts of the body. Men's structure is less noticeable as compared to women when both gain weight at the same pace.

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