Expressing Hope & Wish

Expressing Hope & Wish
Analyzing social function, text structure and linguistic elements 
in the expression of hope and prayer according to the context of its use

In this lesson, you will learn how to express hope and wish

Hope and Wish are generally use to say your expectation on something desired to happen in the future. There are also some situations where you can use hope and wish expressions.

Before we go further,  it is important for you to understand some basic differences between hope and wish. 
  • Hope is used when you expect something possible to happen in the future; because you have a chance to make it happens.
  • In a counter, you use  wish when saying something  in the future but you have no control to make it happens. 
For examples
  1. I hope (that) my next exam will be better than the last.
    (In another word, I know that I can make my next exam better because i can study harder)
  2. I'm hoping (that) he would be come to my house
    (I know that she could come if he wants to)
  3. I wish for my father's health.
    (I want my father to be healthy, but I have no control to my father's health)
  4. Happy birthday, Wish you all the best
    (We want you to be happy although we do not know  what will happen in your life)

We usually use wish followed by the past form to show regret something in the past.
In accordance hope followed by past form is used when you hesitate about something and that bothers you.
However hope can not show regrets (remember the word itself : hope)
For example :
  • I wish my father didn't know that I borrowed his car
    (My father knew that I borrowed his car, and I fee)
  • I hope (that) my father didn't know that I borrowed his car
    (i doubt that my father already knew or not, but there I)
  • I wish turn off all the light before I go.
    (I regret that I did not turn all the light off before I go)
  • I hope (that) turn off all the light before I go.
    (I doubt that I did not turn all the light off but there is a hope)
Wish is also used to express something impossible or imaginary
We cannot use this hope for this situation (impossible/imaginary) because we only hope for the future not for the past.
Remember  that we do not put our hopes for on something impossible 
For example :
  • I wish I had one million dollar.
    (In fact, I don't have one million dollar, but I'm dreaming that I have)
  • I wish I lived in London right now.
    (In fact, I don't lived in London right now, but I'm dreaming that I do)
  • hope (that) I had one million dollar.
    (The sentences grammatically wrong, because we can hope to something from the past)
Both wish and hope can be used to express willingness or something useful in the future. 
  • I wish you all the best
  • We wish you Merry Christmas
  • I hope you enjoy your vacation
  • Let's hope that everything going to be alright
So, how to express our hope and wishes?
To expand your knowledge, there are some expression used to communicate hopes and wishes

- I want ...
  • My sister wants to be the next Indonesian Idol.
  • My mom wants to have a new house.
  • My dad wants to buy a new car.
  • I just want to be etih them all the time.
- I expect ...
  • there is an audition for the school football team as I expected
  • They expect every student to participate
  • I am expecting to perform at my best condition
- I (am) looking forward (to/for) 
  • Gina is looking forward to working as a teacher
  • I am really looking forward to your call
- I would like 
  • I would like to introduce you to my parents.
  • They would like to watch a movie on Sunday
Additionally, greeting is also considered as expressing hope and wish.
  • Good luck!/ Good morning/ Good evening/ etc.
  • God bless you.
  • May God always be with us
  • Have a good day/ have a good trip/etc.
Please NOTE!
Hope and wish are generally used to say expectation, but in some occasions, wish has more  applicable situation than hope.

In Conclusion

To check that you have understand about this, you can do this test

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