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Constipation is very common and almost 20% of people in the world affected by chronic constipation. We can make constipation better by changing lifestyle and diet. If you have constipation then read the following tips and you won't have constipation if you apply these tips in your life.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

Water is very important for our health. It just not only makes our skin good but it's also good for our overall health. Drinking plenty of water makes your bowel works properly as it's caused by dehydration in the colon. 8 glasses of water are generally recommended but if you don't have any severe kidney issues, you can take as much water as much you like.

Eat Prunes:

Prunes are really good for treating constipation. If you take 3-4 prunes in the morning and night then you can easily see the difference. It has insoluble fibre which helps your bowel to function properly. If you can't find whole prunes then you can buy prune juice.

Apple, Pear and Cucumber Diet:

In Morning do breakfast with 1 apple, 2 pears, and a half cucumber daily. These fruits just don't only make skin good but they also help in constipation. Apple, pear, and cucumber have much fibre in their edible skin so they are best of constipation diet.


Add 20 mins of daily exercise in your routine. You can walk, run, swim or go cycling. You can even do yoga or exercise at home.

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