Correlative conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions adalah kata sambung  yang memiliki pasangan masing-masing untuk menggabungkan dua buah kalimat/frase.

1.  Not only … but also… (bukan hanya… tetapi juga…)
Reptiles live not only on the land but also in the water.
Ariel not only  sings the song but also composes it.

2.  Either … or … (baik… maupun…)
Dewi goes to the library on Monday
Desy goes to the library on Monday
Either Dewi or Desy goes to the library on Monday.

3.  Neither … nor …
(baik… maupun… tidak)
I don’t read the newspaper.
You don’t read the newspaper.
Neither I nor you read the newspaper.

4.  Both … and … (baik… dan … keduanya)
She reads both  quickly and carefully.
Both Firda and  Gisca play tennis.

X : What do the Olympic Games consist of?
Y : The summer games and the winter games … are held every four years.
a.  Both c.  Not only
b.   All    d.  None of
Jawab: (a)
Dari percakapan tersebut diketahui ada dua subjek yang dirangkai dengan and, dalam correlative
conjunction berpasangan dengan both.
The summer games and the winter games both are held every four years

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