Procedure Text

Teks prosedur (procedure) adalah teks yang berisi tentang cara melakukan sesuatu yang dijelaskan dalam serangkaian tindakan atau langkah-langkah tertentu .
Teks ini digunakan untuk menjelaskan langkah-langkah pengerjaan dan panduan untuk menyelesaikan suatu kegiatan.
Kegiatan yang umumnya menggunakan teks ini adalah resep makanan, panduan perakitan, dan penjelasan arah.

Tujuan  Komunikatif teks:
Menjelaskan cara melakukan, membuat, atau menggunakan sesuatu. Atau memberikan petunjuk mengenai langkah-langkah/metode/cara dalam membuat atau melakukan sesuatu.

Struktur teks prosedur:

1. Goal
Judul teks (biasanya terdapat pada teks resep)

2. Material 
bagian ini tidak selalu ada di teks prosedur (kadang dicantumkan dan kadang tidak dicantumkan)

3. Steps
langkah-langkah yang harus ditempuh untuk mencapai tujuan teks prosedur

Unsur kebahasaan:
1. Menggunakan Simple Present Tense, dalam bentuk imperatif. Contoh: Add some sugar, prepare all the material, dll.

2. Menggunakan temporal conjunction (berupa penomoran yang mengindikasikan urutan/langkah, biasanya terdapat dalam teks tertulis
    a. Sebagai pembuka kalimat (pengurutan) terutama dalam teks lisan.
  • First, . . . /Firstly, . . . 
  • Second, . . . /Secondly, . . . .
  • Afterwards, . . . . 
  • Finally, . . . . 
  • Lastly, . . . 
    b. Sebagai pembuka keterangan waktu, terutama dalam teks tertulis. Contoh; before after, when, while, until


Making colored and scented candles is really quick and simple. What's more,  you'll save so much money. If making candle is easy, why do you ever buy one from a shop? What you need in making candle are wax, molds, wick, dye discs, essential oils, and a double boiler. All these materials are available from craft shops. Or if you do not want to buy them, you can improvise with an old saucepan, Pyrex jug, or even a sturdy can, in a pot of water. After providing the materials, follow this procedure or instruction in making candles!

First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a flash point, so to prevent it bursting into flames; you must melt it in a double boiler, with water in the bottom of the pan.
Then, prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the wick through the mould and make sure that you leave a good few centimeters sticking out of the hole in the bottom.
After that, add the scent. If you want a scented candle, add a few drops of essential oil to the melted wax. You can use any essential oil you like, as long as it doesn't contain water.
Next step, pour the wax into the mould. Try and tip the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go, to minimize spillage and air bubbles.
Then, release the bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will eventually make the candle sink, so you will need to top it up with more melted wax.
Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five hours, the candle can be taken out of its mould.
Your candle is now ready for display. Remember, you must always leave it for a day before lighting it.

Take a look at this video and then do the task  below!

Upload your video to youtube and then write down your name, class, number and your link at this comment. Don't forget to make it public so that I can watch your video

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