Things I'm Loving Right Now: Coral

I already wrote in the previous post how my new top inspired my recent lipstick purchase, so when I came home I searched my make up collection for other coral shades I have. Consequently, I've been wearing corals a lot in the past week. So here are they (colored text is a link to the swatch):

  • Benefit Coralista - a beautiful coral shade with gold shimmer, makes your cheeks look luminous:

  • Miss Sporty nail polish in shade 370 (one of my all-time favorites. It's a gorgeous shade)
  • Manhattan 43K 
  • Essence in BBC Pink Heat (which is more red than coral, but it's a beautiful summery shade)

And swatches of all (in the shade):

And another of Candy Bar, Coral Punch and Coralista in the sun:

Swatches of nail polishes:

Manhattan 43K:

I was also inspired by this picture:

Thanks for watching. Have a great summer!

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