My Top 5 Blushes

I love wearing blushes. A touch of blush just ties everything together. I have a very pale skin tone (NC 15) and without anything on the cheeks I often look unhealthily pale. I find that coral shades look most natural on me, however bubble gum pink shades give me that ''I just came from the cold'' flush I love so much. So here are my selected five:
Top: BeneFit Coralista and NARS Deep Throat
Bottom: Everyday Minerals Waffle Cone (sample size), E.l.f. Natural Radiance blush in Shy and Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach

1. BeneFit Coralista - I think I already raved enough about this blush, so I'm not going to bore you again. In short: it's the perfect coral shade with gold shimmer that just gives that lovely glow. This is my most worn blush. More swatches here and here.

2. NARS Deep Throat - Is a coral pink blush with a gold shimmer. It's pinker and much darker than Orgasm, so it's quite easy to overdo on my skin tone, but I still find it prettier that Orgasm so I wear it more. More swatches and comparisons can be found here.

3. Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Satin Peach - I love the light texture of the mousse. It blends like a dream and is hard to overdo. The color is a frosty peachy pink that just makes you look so healthy and pretty. I always apply it with my fingertips. More swatches and comparison with the newer Dream Touch blush can be found here.

4. E.l.f. Natural Radiance blush in Shy - Is the most gorgeous light bubble gum pink ever. It gives me the perfect pink cheeks. I heard it's supposedly a good dupe for MAC Well Dressed, personally don't know because I don't own Well Dressed. The texture is a bit chalky but that honestly doesn't bother me. The packaging on the other hand does. The opening mechanism is just annoying, the whole plastic packaging looks very cheap and small, but I for the price your paying it's still a really good blush. I highly recommend Shy for paler skin tones, but I imagine someone with darker skin tone might have trouble getting it to show up. The original full review can be found here.

5. Everyday Minerals blush in Waffle Cone -  The great natural blush for my skin tone. It's similar to Miel Glace by Lancome which I also own, but Waffle Cone has the most amazing subtle shimmer or I could describe it as more of a glow. I own the sample size, but since you only need a little amount even the sample size will last you ages.

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