Mini Haul - ArtDeco and Manhattan

Just a mini haul I made this week. I bought ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator in shade 8 and Manhattan nail polish in 51T.

ArtDeco Perfect Teint Illuminator is the ArtDeco version of the famous Touche Eclat by YSL, just half cheaper (it's around 9-10€). It comes in two shades, one is more pink and 8 is more yellow. 8 suits me perfectly, right now my circles aren't that bad (yay!) and this covers them completely. I also apply some on the top of my cheekbones, around the nose and on the bridge of the nose, just to highlight and brighten those features a bit. This is my second pen so far and I like it a lot.

51T is a part of the Naughty Nails collection by Manhattan and it's a milky pastel pink. It's really difficult to apply it evenly and it's quite thick. On this picture I'm wearing two coats.
Thanks for watching!

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