IsaDora Jelly Kiss 47 Coral Punch

I bought the most beautiful top in New Yorker, the color is just a gorgeous bright coral pink, so in the spur of the moment, being inspired by the colour  I bought a matching lipstick (and to think I was only heading for ice cream and Műller just happened to be open at 8 p.m. ''Facepaw''). So after checking a slew of lipsticks, I finally found one - the IsaDora Jelly Kiss in 47 Coral Punch (I already swatched some Jelly Kiss lippies here). It is a beautiful pinky coral, it's a more sheer colour and very shiny (like a mix between a gloss and a lipstick). It's perfect for those who want to wear some colour, but don't feel comfortable wearing an opaque, ''in-your-face'' bright lipstick. It feels very moisturizing when you apply it, but after a while the shine disappears and lips become a tad dry. The packaging is a very nice, silver tube with some sort of a magnet to keep the tube closed. Jelly Kiss lipsticks cost around 13 €.

Thanks for looking!

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