My Current Skin Care

As promised here is my post on my current skin care. First something about my skin. I have combination skin with oily T-zone, but otherwise my skin is normal. I also used to have very dehydrated skin with dry patches on my forehead, but now thanks to Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum they're gone. I never had a lot of spots or imperfections. My skin also doesn't tan and I have some freckles in the summer. In the last months I completely changed my skincare. Before I only used baby wash and CadeaVera Young moisturizer (which isn't that good btw), resulting in having loads of dry areas and patches. Since I changed my skincare, my skin looks so much better. In the last month my skin got so much better, I have no spots, no dry patches and my skin looks so much healthier (especially after I started using the aspirin toner and Nuxe oil).

I rarely use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Wash mask 2 in 1, simply because I forget, but I included it anyway. It's a great mask, contains kaolin and salicylic acid which makes it suitable for oily to combination skin. I love the fact that is comes in a big squeeze tube (I really hate those mini bags, there so messy) so it lasts for months. It makes your skin look so much more clear, fresh and healthier. Plus it's not that expensive considering how much you get, I think it's about 5 € for 150 ml and it's easily accessible.

Once a week I use a home made scrub with some baking soda mixed with a drop of water. I then very gently rub it on the skin (the key here is gentle or you might end up with a chemical burn) and than rinse right away (I don't tend to leave it on like some people do). I makes your skin so super soft, I'm still amazed. I don't use it too often because some reviewers on MUA said it can destroy your protective acid mantle. I already wrote about baking soda here.

Now to everyday stuff. For removing my make up I use my trusted Bioderma Sensibio, which is so incredibly gentle. It literally feels like water, it doesn't irritate my eyes and it also removes waterproof mascara. You can get it in pharmacies, 100 ml bottle is 7 €, 250 ml bottle is 11 €.
If I'm at home I currently use L'Oreal Perfect Clean for sensitive skin. It's ok, it's a bit thicker than your regular gel, but I find it a bit drying so I probably won't repurchase it. That rubbery scrub thingy is actually nice. 
When I'm in Ljubljana I've been just using honey (I have the one in a squeeze tube) as a face wash, simply because I'm too lazy to go and buy another baby shower gel. I've been using it for over a month and it's actually not that bad. But you might not like it, because it doesn't rinse of completely, even if you rinse vigorously it will leave a film. Personally I don't mind, because honey is an antiseptic, contains lots of vitamins and lots of other good things for your skin. I also use honey as a mask and leave it on for about 10 minutes and it makes your skin look so lovely.

After cleansing I use my home made aspirin toner. I so easy to make and it works amazing. You need an empty bottle, some aspirin and aloe vera. Mix 50 ml of water, 1-2 crushed aspirins (you really don't need more, because aspirin solubility in water is 100 mg per 100 ml at room temperature, so you'll be throwing pills away. I use one.) and a couple of squirts of aloe vera gel (I have the Sun Dance one). I suggest you read some review on MUA, if you need more information. I love this toner. My skin got a million times better after using it. Those spots that I had healed much faster and now I have barely any spots (they're minute anyway). 

Next I use Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum. I already wrote a review for it. I use one pump for my face. It got rid of my dry patches and my make up (foundation) looks so much better now. It's about 21 € and you can get it in pharmacies.

I mix Vichy's serum with a couple of drops of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Dry Oil, which I already raved about here. I adore it, I already wrote all about it in my review, but it just made my skin so radiant and healthy looking. In my opinion it works as good and even better than Vichy serum, the only thing is that you use a lot less of the oil that the serum so I'll keep repurchasing it (and skip Vichy serum, having both is just too expensive). Nuxe is also available in pharmacies, 50 ml cost around 18 €, 100 ml is around 30 €. I also use it on my body and hair, it's really a multipurpose product.

The last thing that I've been using only for a couple of weeks is the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for face and decollete (in that white L'Occitane bottle, I don't actually own a full size product). It's like a gradual self tanner and I love it. You apply it with a cotton pad, it doesn't leave my skin greasy, the tan is very even and lovely. I'll buy the full size. My cousin got it from for about 17 €.

So this is it. I hope you find this post helpful. Have a great day.

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