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My cousin and I ordered quite a lot of stuff from feelunique.com (they offer free shipping worldwide). I think it took about a week and a half for the order to arrive. On the first picture is my part of the order - St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse, Redken All Soft conditioner, Maybelline Dream Touch blush in Peach (review of it in another post) and I also bought St.Tropez application mitt, but it's not in the picture. My cousin also ordered St. Tropez mousse, other items were Jemma Kidd creme blush in Guava (a very pigmented, bright pink shade) and Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for face and decollete (she gave me some of it, I have it in an old L'Occitane bottle).

First of, swatches of Jemma Kidd Blushwear Creme Cheek Colour in Guava. See how bright it is? Of course you have to use a light hand when applying it, but it gives a beautiful pinky flush.

I used Redken's All Soft conditioner once so far and I like it a lot. It makes you hair very soft. Here are ingredients (click on the picture to enlarge it):

And the best part of the haul: St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse. I am super pale and I rarely tan even if I sunbathe (I actually prefer to stay in the shade). This is the best self tanner I ever used. I smells amazing, sort of floral and fresh (I used to have a shower gel that smelled very similar, I believe it was called Fresh Summer by Duschdas). It's a bronze mousse, which is handy because you can see where you applied it. I use a mitt and it buffs the tan beautifully. When I used it for the first time, it did apply a bit streaky, but it was my fault, because I got my arm wet to soon after application. The second time it looked flawless, with no streaks. It dries in a minute, so you can get dressed after a few minutes and it doesn't transfer to the clothes or sheets. The tan you get look so natural and beautiful, and it's dark enough even after one application (my cousin was amazed by the results). You have to wash your hands thoroughly after application (preferably every time you apply it on a certain part of the body or you'll get dark hands). Also I apply some moisturiser on my elbows, knees hands and feet before applying tan. Here's a video on how to apply it click. I find  that it does smell a bit of self tanner, but it actually so mild, you can cover it with a body moisturiser. All in all a great self tanner.
It's very expensive (around 25 pounds for 236 ml) but it's so much better that your run-of-the-mill drugstore tan. I highly recommend it.

The application mitt - It very expensive (3,5 pounds) considering how cheaply it's made. I felt a bit stupid paying that much for it, but there is no cheaper alternative available on feelunique or here in Slovenia.

This is how the mousse looks like:

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for face and decollete - It's a very light lotion that you apply with a cotton pad. It doesn't get streaky at all. It's not as dark as St. Tropez, with one application you get just a touch of colour, more of a healthy glow actually. It smells lovely and it doesn't have that self tan scent at all. It feels very light on the skin and doesn't make my skin oily or clog my pores. You get 125 ml for 15,20 pounds. Another product I'd recommend.

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