Big Haul and Swaps

I accumulated a lot of new stuff in the last two weeks. Mostly because I won't be in Ljubljana that much in the next weeks and also because I had a horrible week and I presume that the next couple of weeks will be even more stupid.
I ordered a package from Studioma. I bought the Orofluido shampoo, conditioner and shine spray (they currently have an offer, you receive the shine spray for free). I hadn't tried them yet, but review will follow sometime in the next weeks (I won't be at home as much unfortunately). The scent of all the products is the same as of the serum, that oriental blend of vanilla and amber.
I finally caved and bought Nuxe oil (and since I used up that wild rose oil that I talked about in one of the previous posts, I was in need of a replacement). The scent is gorgeous. If you ever had their tinted moisturizer, this smells the same. It a very sweet a bit almondy scent, I just love it. Review with all the pictures will follow.
And the last from the upper picture is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Mat bronzer. After months of searching for a good bronzer, swatching and reading reviews I ended up buying this one. I love the colour because unlike most (or more like all) other bronzers I swatched, this one doesn't look orange on me at all. It almost has a slightly reddish tone to it. Again review and swatches will be posted as soon as I find some time.

Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach TE nail polish in BBC Pink Heat. When I saw Taya's swatch I feel in love with this colour. On me it's doesn't even look pink, but a very bright red. Fantastic colour for summer. The formula is amazing, I got full coverage with only one coat.
I bought a 250 ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio make up remover which is my favourite one. In our pharmacies it costs 11 €.

And here are products I got in swaps (I swapped with two great girls from ARS Cosmetica forum. Thanks to both of you!). I got Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter (swatches and comparison with High Beam will be posted shortly) and BarryM blusher (I think it's 2 Rose), nail polish in Limited Pink and lipstick 145.

Review and swatches will follow. Hopefully soon. Thanks for watching!

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