April Favorites

And here are my April favorites:
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria - I've been drenching myself in my beloved Escada Taj Mahal for a while now and I adore it. But a couple of weeks ago I spritzed a bit CK Euphoria just for fun and for the entire day I was in scent heaven. Holy guacamole it smells divine, it's such a great oriental fragrance. But it is rather strong, so I tend to not use it on warmer days
  • Make Up Factory True lip color 47 - I've worn this lipstick almost every day this month. It's such a great light pink shade and so easy to wear. I just love it. And the formula is superb.
  • IsaDora Glow Stick in 10 Rose Bud - My recent addition and addiction. It gives a gorgeous light flush and gives your cheek luminosity. I love how easy it is to apply, you just dab/swipe a bit on the cheeks, blend and you're ready to go. Also is so portable you can just put it in your bag and retouch your blush anytime you need.
  • Essence Stay With Me lipgloss in My favorite milkshake - what a great shade, pink but slightly peachy. I love the texture and the scent, it's really a great gloss.
  • I didn't wear much eyeshadow this month, but when I did it was Mac's Satin Taupe. It a great mushroomy brown colour, fantastic on blue/grey eyes. Mostly I wore only some black eyeshadow by NYX smudged into the top lash line. NYX black is such an intense black, it's literally like coal. If you're looking for a really black eyeshadow I highly recommend this one.
  • And again I'll rave about L'Oreal Voluminous Million lashes mascara and Tana eyelash curlers. Together they make my lashes long and defined, a great combination for a daytime look.  
  • I've bought and used quite a lot of Dove Beauty Cream bars this month. I just love this bar (the classic one). It doesn't dry my skin, it doesn't leave that squeaky clean filling (I hate that), there no plastic packaging and the scent is divine. I like those classic soap scents a lot.
  • I've made quite a few changes in my skin care routine this month, but the product that literally transformed my skin is Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum. Initially I wasn't particularly impressed, but with it I finally got rid of the dry patches that I've had the for years (no matter what moisturizer I used or how many times I exfoliated). But this serum got rid of them in two weeks. I also noticed that my skin looks healthier.
  • My two most worn nail polishes were Essence Replay and You Belong To Me. I love turquoise shades and these two are so pretty. 
And here is I my ''I need to use them up'' box. Most products are practically empty like that CadeaVera moisturizer and Clinique Pore Minimizer for example. I need to finish that ancient bottle of Lancome Ideal (review can be found here), some lipsticks and tinted balms (because I fell in love in Chanel Coco Shine Chance so I want to use up some of my stash before I buy it) and some other products that have been laying around for a while.

There's one product that just frustrates me and that is Clinique's Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. It has the potential of making your skin look fantastic, almost retouched. It erases pores, leaves your skin mat and flawless, but only if your skin is hydrated and has no dry patches. It clings to every dry spot and patch and emphasizes it, therefore making your skin look horrible. So I suppose it's better suited for oily skins, it works fine on my cheeks and nose, but not my forehead. Also once, when I applied it, it initially looked great, but in a matter of hours several dry patches appeared around my mouth. However it's a great mattifier, one of the best I ever tried.

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